Eatonton Cotton Warehouse

The original 1902 structure in Georgia.


Our modern facility in Dallas, Texas. .


Established in 2016.

Our History

The original Eatonton Cotton Warehouse was constructed in Georgia in 1902, when the major economic influence was growing and selling cotton. Originally named J.R. Griffen Cotton Warehouse,

the building warehoused cotton sold by local farmers awaiting transport via railroad. The building also housed the Eatonton Board of Trade offices. It was not unusual for bales of cotton to overflow from the warehouse and be stored all around the building and even in the streets. After the cotton industry in the county was destroyed by the Boll Weevil, the building became the H.B. Hearn warehouse, where farm supplies were stored and sold

We are proud members of the Cotton Warehouse Association of America, located right here in Texas. The CWAA is a national trade association representing a diverse, but unified, group of cotton warehouse operators from the Carolinas to California. The membership includes independent, gin, merchant, and transit warehouses.

The cotton business in the U.S. is changing, and this uncertain environment requires dynamic leadership and good communication. 

Goetz & Sons

We send out heartfelt condolences to Goetz and Sons Inc. on the occasion of the devastating cotton warehouse fire that destroyed their facility in Lubbock, Texas. Although the cause of the fire remains unknown, we are reminded of the importance of a squeaky clean work environment and in that regards we’d like to take our hat off to Dallas Janitorial Services who have not only addressed our disinfection concerns during Covid-19 but provides the best warehouse cleaning service that we can imagine.


4763 Algiers St.

Dallas, TX